Could not get a valid authorization

I try to authorise it but I receive the following message
“Could not get a valid Rekord Buddy Authorisation”


George, I moved your reply here instead of having a support request in the middle of another thread.

You did not mention what version of the app you are currently using?

Hi Damien,
I have resolved the problem. I uninstall the previous app and i install the 2.1 new beta and it’s ok.
I will try it today and i will post if i find any problem.


I got the same problem when trying the last 2.1 beta release… any solution @damien ?

Got it working: I had to disable my old activations on my website account.
Everything fine now =)

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Welcome to the forums @elldekaa. For the record I don’t work on week-ends so that’s why I only got to your post this morning. Glad you got it sorted out.

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