Correlation of Serato Crates, RB2.0 Folders and RB Playlist

My Rekord Buddy Version:

My OS Version:

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Crate in Serato that has music in it, but also sub crates that have different music in them
  2. RB2.0 Sync; should show the songs in both crates
  3. Sync; RB doesn’t should music in Upper Crate

What I expected to happen:
All music from all crates being added to RB program, not just the subcrates as playlist

What actually happens instead:

The main crate appears as a folder in RB2.0; which doesn’t sync with RB

This is caused by a limitation in both rekordbox and Traktor, which don’t support having both tracks and playlists in a playlist. It’s not something we can change, I’m afraid.

Well… if Pioneer or Native want to share their source code, I’ll take a crack at it. :rofl:

What I’ll probably have to look into is at least importing the information correctly in the future. So that if you do import a crate from Serato that has both other crates and tracks inside of it, it does actually import both (probably converting the information into a separate Playlist/Folder pair with different names like MyCrate [Playlist] and MyCrate [Folder].)

Would that be helpful?

So the top crate in Serato (for instance)

-East Coast
-West Coast

Rap is the "Headline crate; those songs under Rap doesn’t come over; but RB2.0 sees them as a Folder rather than a playlist, in fact, anything that has a sub create, the above crate turns into a Folder rather than a playlist)

RB2.0 has the tracks; seems them all, but doesn’t/can’t(?) import those top crates with any music.

RekordBox; within the XML sees them, but nothing gets transferred from RB2.0

If RB2.0 could makes them into a playlist…at least you’d have them in when you transfer them, might not be in the “exact” order/style, but you wouldn’t be missing songs.

What you are describing is exactly the way it works right now.

My proposed solution would be to import the Serato data as:

*Rap [Playlist]
*Rap [Folder]
  -East Coast
  -West Coast

So that both subcrates and tracks are imported in a way that other programs like rekordbox or Traktor can work with and display.


That will work, having the entire rap with suggested as just one playlist with tracks nested under rap and tracks within the subcrates.

When making crates in Serato often time I may start the crate as just a crate then decide to be more specific by adding subcrates to a crate already containing tracks.

Serato has us spoilt by showing all tracks if one clicks on the parent crate which I don’t think other Traktor and Rekordboxdj do

its a bit sad that some DJ software doesn’t support the simple dynamics introduced by all Operating Systems since CP/M:

  • folders contain sub-folders
  • folders contain tracks

instead we have a tricky annoying additional indirection:

  • folders contain sub-folders
  • folders contain playlists
  • playlists contain tracks

I think some people may have different approaches to this. I for one don’t like the Serato way of hiding tracks in folders because I never think of clicking on the folder to show the tracks inside of it.

But I do see your point of it mimicking what the OS does so that makes sense.