Converting Rekord Box crates to Serato

**My Rekord Buddy Version:beta (557)

**My OS Version: MoJava 10.14.5

Steps required to reproduce the problem:
Loaded my Rekord Box file in Record Buddy and when I open up serato I can’t figure out how to find my RB crates?

Read manual and looked at all the settings but not sure what I’m missing?

You need to export again to Serato by running sync. The system is simplex, so you need to import and export separately.

When I export to Serato RB crashes

Can you send a crash log, and PM @damien with the email address you used?

I also updated RB to the newest beta version and now it won’t give me the option to sync my Rekordbox XML file

You need to export your rekordbox XML from rekordbox itself, and drag-and-drop it onto the playlist tree in Rekord Buddy. Even if it’s empty. This will add it to your collection as a node.

Did that now how do I get the popup screen to export to Serato? I’m not seeing anything to do so…

Are you still using build 557? Can you update to the latest build first and then let’s pick it up from there.

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