Community Support is now the official Rekord Buddy support channel

Some big changes with how we handle support for Rekord Buddy 2 moving forward.

The community support experiment on this forum has been great and I want to move forward with making this the official support channel for Rekord Buddy 2. This means @damien and @astromech will monitor the threads and post directly here in the support category to try and help you fix your issues.

If you have landed here because you emailed and got a reply pointing you here, that’s because the old support system has been disconnected in order to transition here. If you had a ticket opened in the old system and were communicating with us within the last 3 months you should receive a private email in order to continue sorting out that specific issue over email. If you haven’t, DM us here. If you haven’t been communicating with us in the last 3 months about a given ticket you had opened, your ticket automatically closed and you will need to re-open a new thread here or DM up for private support.

You can post publicly if you want or you can DM either of us via the forums with your questions if you want the conversation to stay private (similar to the old support system).

This will, of course, make a lot of support issues very public. I think this has a positive side which is that it can help others find answers more easily. It also has a very negative side in which I understand that this will fill up with more people complaining that people praising. It is the internet after all :slight_smile:

I still think this is the right way to go. I have nothing to hide and you can rest assured that both @astromech and I will continue to work as hard as we can to improve support and the app itself. Having all things Rekord Buddy in one place will help create a community of sorts and I know that this will be a positive thing in the long run, even if we have to publicly deal with some haters once in a while. It is the internet after all.

Finally, in order to make this change clear the Community Support category has been renamed to just Support.


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By the way, some links might get broken in the process of moving everything around. If you notice any, please post here to let us know and we will fix them.


I’ve fixed footers in all the FAQ posts. If you find any links talking about emailing support instead of using this forum, let me know.