Comments field not updating in Rekord Box following RekordBuddy sync with Serato

**My Rekord Buddy Version: 2.0

**My OS Version: MacOS Mojave

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Update the comment in a track in Serato DJ
  2. Open RekordBuddy and sync with Serato
  3. Updated comments are visible in RekordBuddy
  4. RekordBuddy confirms changes to RecordBuddy and RekordBox
  5. Open RecordBox, browse to updated track in RekordBox - under .XML file
  6. Hit refresh
  7. Comment has not been updated

What I expected to happen:
I would expect the Comment field in RekordBix to be updated

What actually happens instead:
Comment has not been updated

Can you give the 2.1beta a try and see if you get the same results. This can make sure that you’re controlling what is importing into Rekord Buddy and what it exporting to rekordbox.

If you get the same result let’s try and reproduce this on our end and see if we can identify the issue. It’s not a known problem as of right now.

Hey Damien,

Thanks for the beta… which seemed to fix that issue however I have a large number of tunes that have been analysed in Serato successfully and include BPM and KEY information but when I import in to RekordBuddy 2.1 Beta their BPM information is blank. This is also carried through to the XML file in RekordBox.

Perhaps this has already been raised as I’ve not had time to look through the forum.

I did try and reanalyse a few of the tunes in Serato again and reimport in to Serato but this didn’t make a difference.

That info should be contained in the track file. Can you DM me a link to one example track file that has BPM and KEY but which does not get imported into Rekord Buddy?

Thanks Damien… here’s one example for you… BPM and COMMENT has been imported but BPM is blank in RekordBuddy

—link deleted—

Thank you. Let me take a look.

Make sure to use a DM next time. We don’t want to post/distribute copyrighted material publicly. (I’ve deleted your link for now).

Ooops… sorry… yes of course :slight_smile:

No worries. I do see the BPM not being imported in the 2.0 code and the current 2.1beta. This is due to the fact that the track is WAV and doesn’t contain any metadata. The old code ignores the BPM from the serato database and prefers the one from the track, which in this case is nothing.

This looks to be fixed in the next rev of the 2.1beta though which seem to be showing the right BPM for me. I’m hoping release a build of this to the public in a one to three weeks if all goes well.

Stay tuned.

thanks Damien… I don’t visit the forum often so perhaps an e-mail when the next beat is available would be useful… I guess a workaround is to import them in to my RekordBox collection and analyse the affected tracks?

I won’t be able to email people individually unfortunately but I will send out a mass email when the new beta is stable and available and also when 2.1 ships.

Hey Damien… how’s things?
I wondered if you were close to releasing the next Beta whic fixes my no showing BPM issue?

Perfect timing! I’ve just posted a countdown thread so people can keep track of the progress.