'Comment 2' field - Traktor to Rekordbox

Im considering buying Rekord Buddy but have a specific question.

I use the “Comment 2” track field in Traktor very heavily for notes.

Rekordbox does not have this field.

So is there a way to transfer my “Comment 2” field data into my new Rekordbox library somehow if I use Rekord Buddy to convert over?



Anyone? This is the deciding factor for me in buying Rekord Buddy

Welcome to the forums and sorry for the late reply. Summer holidays are a bit hard schedule wise in France. I apologize for that.

There is an option in Rekord Buddy to convert the ‘Comment2’ field to the ‘Grouping’ field when reading/writing to Traktor. This should allow you to continue using this field as long as you don’t already have some other info in ‘Grouping’ in rekordbox.

The link above takes you to the online manual for the app which is a great place to get more info as to how it works and what is and isn’t supported for each DJ app. Of course if you have any more questions I’ll be here too.

Hi Damien,

I finally bought Rekord Buddy today to try this out.

I used the ‘Comment2 -> Grouping’ option you suggested and copied my playlists from Traktor to Rekordbox following your instructions.

However, I am seeing that Rekordbox actually does not have the ‘Grouping’ field. Only Rekord Buddy seems to have it. So I am confused how this is a solution to get my Traktor ‘Comment2’ data into Rekordbox. Please advise…

It looks like rekordbox completely ignores that field now. You can still see it as a column in the rekordbox XML view but it doesn’t seem to read any data from the XML for that field.

Add this to the long list of why the Pioneer XML interface is a piece of crap that needs to die a quick death.

My options at this point would be to copy this to another field as an option. Any idea of where this could be added to in your case?