Collection missing in Rekord Buddy

I am a new user and all my music files are located on an external drive, and when i open record buddy i don’t see my rekordbox collections. Im transferring to Serato and using MacOS catalina 10.15.4…i gave record buddy full Disk Access to no avail. its frustrating

How long will it take to get support? what the HELL? this is freaking unacceptable. :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: I don’t have $50 to throw in the trash!

Nobody is throwing anything in the trash. I just don’t work on weekends, I spend them with my family. I think that’s not too much to ask, no?

Now, let’s start again on nicer terms.

What version of Rekord Buddy are you currently using? Did you read the manual, especially the section named ‘viewing your rekordbox collections’ and follow the steps there?

my apologies but its frustrating not getting support when in need…I’m using rekord buddy 2 and yes i did read the steps in viewing the rekordbox collections and still it doesn’t work

Well, when it’s the middle of the week-end and I probably don’t even live in the same timezone as you, it’s important to take a deep breath. Apologies accepted.

Tell me more about what is ‘not working’. What is the exact version on Rekord Buddy you are using?

Let’s try with just one track. Take a look at it in the Serato section of Rekord Buddy (double click on the track to view the markers), then drag it over to the rekordbox section of Rekord Buddy and take a look at the same track there after the copy. Can you see the same markers there or not?

ok now i got as far as transferring the rekord box playlist to Rekord Buddy however, everytime i tried to transfer to serrate it come with this message
“some of the crates contains tracks that are not on the same volume as the destination collection. this is not supported by serato collections and any such tracks will be skipped.”

i do have my music in different folders on my external hard drive

You never answered my question as to what was the exact version of the app you were using.

Regarding your issue, the manual can help. It is explained here.

I using V2.1.40

Thank you!

See if you can create a Serato collection on that external drive by following the manual and then you should be able to copy tracks to that collection if they are on that volume.

finally got it working on one PC :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture:…appreciate the support

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