Catalina, will the latest "non" beta version work?

Hi there,

will the latest “none” beta version of rekordbuddy work with Mac OS Catalina? Well I do not really use the iTunes library, what seems to be a big problem for all dj software at the moment. Mainly I the import the files directly to Traktor -> Rekordbuddy -> Rekordbox and I think this still work right?

Best Michael

The current 2.0 may work on Catalina but won’t be supported. I’m shipping 2.1 very soon which will be the official version for Catalina.

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Hi Damien,
hope all is good with you.
When will get the Catalina official version of Rekord Buddy?

thanks :v:

Hi Stefano,

The current 2.1 build works fine with Catalina. There is a known issue of the OS telling you it can’t scan the app for malware but you can get around that by right clicking on the app and selecting Open instead of clicking on the app directly. This will be fixed in a future release by having Apple notarize the app for each release.

Hi Damien,
Thanks for your reply!

The Rekord Buddy always crash, Im not able to open it anytime :-/
I tried to reinstall twice but it got always the same problem.
Sorry about that


By crash do you mean a ‘Something wonderful’ dialog?

Can you try to download the latest build from your account and let me know what kind of error you are getting?

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