Can't install the software!

My Rekord Buddy Version 2:

My OS 10.14:

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

Hi, I can’t install the software anymore on my laptop.
The software doesn’t work, still crashing.

I tried to reinstall few times and now I can’t even install anymore.

I even can’t contact a customer service. NO MAIL, NO CHAT, what’s that?

Please help.



I’ve created a new topic from the post the your made by replying to another thread. Let’s pick it up there.

Try to avoid posting multiple times for the same issue. It doesn’t make anything easier in terms of support.

To answer your question thought, what ‘that’ is is that support is exclusively on this forum. I do all development and support by myself so having email, chat, whatever else would not make it easier of faster to get support because at the end of the day it’s still me who has to reply to the support inquiries.

Having a forum based support means that users can look though answer to previous issues which then saves time for me to investigate new issues.

Hope that makes sense.

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