Can't find rekordbox xml

I am trying to migrate from Serato to Rekordbox but when I go to replace the .xml this message appears.

I cannot find an .xml file within my Rekordbox file and I cannot seem to change the location. I am at a loss on what to do to import my Serato library. I am using an external hard drive to store all my music.

I made your post public since it doesn’t look like it needed to be a DM.

Two things to check:

  • In Rekord Buddy, are you exporting to rekordbox after importing from Serato? Otherwise the XML file will not be created.
  • In rekordbox, is the path to the XML file the default one? To verify this, delete the path in Rekordbox’s preferences and press enter. It will refill it with the default path.

That solved my problem thank you.

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