Can't connect to the server/Invalid License Key on launch

Hello !
I can’t open Rekordbuddy :confused:

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Welcome to the forums!

I’ve separated your message onto a new thread otherwise it gets confusing if people just post all their issues into the announcement thread.

It looks like Rekord Buddy can’t connect to the authorization server. Do you use any proxy server or filtering system for your internet connection?

D’accord. Et bien non et j’ignore pourquoi je ne peux pas me connecter…

Just posted a build 2.1.1 which may give me more info on what is going on. (Je repond en Anglais car on nest pas dans la section en Francais :grinning:).

Can you try it and let me know if the error message changes?

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Merci je vais essayer de suite. Où est ce que je télécharge cette version ?

Look in your account, previous purchases, you should see the download link.

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Je suis vraiment désolé mais je ne trouve pas cette historique à part l’achat de ma licence qui me renvoie au téléchargement de la version 2.1

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It should 2.1(659), the version number was incorrect because I built the app too quickly :slight_smile:

For people getting the I’license key has invalid length’ error with the new build, I have the following questions:

When you first launched the new update (2.1), did it ask you to enter your license key again?

If yes, how many characters is the license you typed in then?

Alors oui il m’a demandé un numéro de licence et je pense même que je me suis peut-être tromper, aucune certitude ceci dit.
Par contre plus accès à la possibilité de mettre un numéro de licence maintenant ça bloque au même message.
Si je me suis pas trompé j’ai mis les 32 caractères.

Boujour Damien,

pas de news ? Je n’arrive toujours pas à me connecter.

I found the problem (thanks to people who helped with real feedback and info). I’m putting together a new build now. Stay tuned.

Just posted build 2.1.4(662) which should fix the problem. Let me know if it works for you guys.

If you have a working version of the app, the check for updates will find the latest stable version (even if you are using a beta build if the stable version is newer).

Alternatively you can log in to you account on the website and go to ‘Previous Purchases’ under the link ‘View Details and Downloads’ and then ‘Purchases’ at the bottom.

Je viens d’essayer. Toujours rien malheureusement…

@shamanska This looks like a legit problem with connecting to the server itself. I’ll add some more specific error messages the next build.

It looks like the build is working for some people though. Keep on letting me know how it goes for everyone else.

So the new update seems to fix the license issue, but of course there are other bugs now that cause it to crash on MAC OS Catalina. And when you reopen the app, it prompts you for your license key again. Let me know if I can provide anymore info.

Absolutely. I’m on deck to fix anything that comes up.

Can you open new topics in the support section for each issue? I’ll take it from there.

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It’s been a few weeks since my last post and I’m getting lost in all the different threads non of them seem to answer or remedy what i need. I have been supporting and using Rekord buddy since 2016, all of a sudden now with the new update i have been locked out initially because of the licence key input but now the app won’t even launch. i basically need a link to the latest download and build.

I’m confused. Did you seem any reply to your original post?

Try not to post multiple time for the same issue. It helps me out.