Cannot sync to Traktor & duplicates being created in Rekordbox XML

Current software is as follows

OSX 10.14.6
Rekord Buddy 2.1.20
Traktor 3.2.1
Rekordbox 5.8

All the most up to date versions basically.

My workflow with Rekord Buddy has always been to transfer my Beatgrids and Hot Cues from Traktor to Rekordbox and it’s always worked flawlessly for me but now I’m having no luck.

I can create playlists in Traktor and sync those to Rekordbox, no problem and a handy new feature.

My issue is now syncing everything from Traktor to Rekordbox. I have opened up my Traktor collection in Rekord Buddy and set the key to Open Key with a Leading Zero. When I try to drag the Rekord Buddy collection back onto my Traktor collection I get a total program crash and it restarts.

I can drag the Rekord Buddy collection onto Rekordbox and save it, no problem. But it has duplicated every file in my Rekordbox XML file and even if I try to import those files into my Rekordbox collection nothing happens.

You probably have a few dozen crash reports from me lol.

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Can you zip up and DM me your rekordbox.xml file with the duplicates? It’s one of the issues I’m currently trying to figure out.

2.1.22 should get rid of the duplicates automatically for you. I think the bug that was creating them was from an older build so let’s see if this works for you now.

The source of the duplicates itself is fixed in 2.1.23.

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