Cannot copy tracks? From any software? At all?


I recently upgraded from the Beta to the latest full version (thank you Damien for resetting my authorizations!!!) and I’m having a really puzzling issue. I’m unable to drag-and-drop songs, from Traktor to Rekordbox, or vice-versa, or anywhere. I grab a track from the Traktor library and drag it over to ‘All Tracks’ under Rekordbox, but no box or + sign appears and I can’t drop it.

Additionally, when I launch RekordBuddy I occasionally get an error message saying something about “the RekordBuddy database could not be found on [home drive]”, and I have to hit ‘Reset Database’. I’m assuming these issues are related?

I still have the Beta version and as of last night it still works in syncing my Rekordbox database to Traktor, but I’d like to get the new version up and running because it looks like it will significantly cut down on time spent migrating data. Any ideas? Thanks for your time.

That’s an interesting one. Are you on macOS or Windows?

Sorry I should have mentioned that. Mac OS X Sierra (10.12.6), on a Mac Pro 5,1.

Thanks. Is there any way you could do a screen grab of this happening (as a movie) and DM me a link to it so I can see? Don’t post it publicly but just DM me a link to the movie.

Thanks to @zoperations we figured out the problem and this will be fixed in the next Rekord Buddy build 2.1.40.