Cannot copy all files from Serato to Rekordbox

Hi Rekord Buddy

I have an issue with the copying of files from Serato to Rekordbox. It currently shows 17430 files copied across but I have over 26000 files in Serato folder. When I attempt to copy across any files it appears to be copying over but when the process is complete it shows the same number of files. Worse still I don’t exactly know what has / has not been copied across

Serato DJ Version = 2.3.1
Rekordbox Version = 5.8.1
Rekord Buddy version = 2.1.28(692)

Your help is really appreciated

Welcome to the forums. When you say ‘files’ I’m assuming you mean individual tracks, correct?

Where exactly do you see the 17430 figure and where do you see the 26000?

Hi Damien

Thanks for picking up my query

Yes I mean tracks. In the Serato folder under ‘All Tracks’ in Rekord Buddy I can see a total of 26305 tracks (track count when filtered on first column). In RekordBox the same list it’s 17381

Interesting. Sometimes tracks are skipped if they have some invalid data but this seems like a really big number of skipped tracks.

I’m assuming you’re copying everything by dragging the Serato line in the sidebar onto the rekordbox line? Meaning whole collection?

Yes I am. I’m now trying to split this down into smaller crates. I should also add that I have creates abd sub crates in Serato. Would that cause a problem?

Could you maybe order the tracks by location and find the first one in Serato that you can’t see in rekordbox?

Then try to drag just that track and see if it shows up in the rekordbox section then.

That is a good idea. I’ll try that now. Is there any way of dumping the lists into a spreadsheet? It would make it a lot easier to search through

One day maybe :slight_smile:

First example. Tried to copy across and appears to hang!

– link removed by moderator –

I can’t seem to open that link. Can you try to download the latest build from your folder and let me know if this is still happening?

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