Cancelling Subscription

Hi, I want to cancel my subscription plan for Rekord Buddy, but the website does not seem to have any indication of how to do so. What do I have to do to cancel it?

You are correct. It doesn’t have this yet because I haven’t had to time to add it in (just being honest :slight_smile: )

It is planned for the next few weeks though as I’ve contracted someone to help me with adding important features like this.

In the meantime I have cancelled your subscription manually.

My name is Marcial Acevedo I would like to cancel my subscription at this moment please

You can now log in to your account and do it directly in your purchase section. In the section showing your subscriptions, one action will be titled ‘Cancel’. You can also restart your subscription as long as you do it before it runs out.

Keep in mind that if you cancel and your subscription runs out, you will have to start a new subscription and pay the initial fee again if you want keep on using Rekord Buddy.