Cancel Rekordbuddy

I can’t get this to work. wasted 4 days. How do I make sure I’m cancelled?

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Can you describe what you mean by ‘Can’t get this to work’? What version of the app are you using? What are you trying to do? What error are you getting?

If you are hitting some problem that I’m unable to fix, I’m always happy to offer a refund.

Hello, I tried Rekordbox and I won’t be switching from Serato. I tried dragging my collection to RekordBuddy and it would sit for days. I have a large mobile DJ collection so maybe that had something to do with it. Is it possible to just get a refund? Thank you!

It’s not possible to ‘just’ get a refund if you’ve already activated your license but if I’m unable to fix your problem I’ll be more than happy to issue a refund. That’s what is described in the refund policy that you accept when you purchase the app.

Can you start with the version of the app you are currently using?

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