Can we expect any Engine Prime software support in the remote future?

I couldn’t find anything in the FAQ or information section…

Is there any chance this beta app will support Denon DJ software a.k.a. engine prime in the local or remote future?
Engine prime can accept and convert Serato, tractor, and record box itself so “I would think” that it could be easy to implement at a coding level, being that it uses a universal sort of structure in order to natively do so.

What do you think? More and more people are moving that way as they realize pioneer sold off pioneer DJ for good reason and Denon is hitting with both hands.

It’s more important now more than ever since Denon is gaining ground and I personally need to be able to switch between record box and engine, as all the clubs I play at have a full installation of one company or the other.


I, for one, sure do hope so.

Yes. That will be in 2.2.


Super excited for this! Engine Prime has been my primary but I can’t wait to be able to convert them all to rekordbox for places that have Pioneer.

Thanks for all the work!


Agreed. For me, I look forward to syncing my master to Serato and Traktor as well (Traktor is what I use for DVS). At the moment, I am manually tagging, gridding, and cue pointing in all 4 softwares separately.

I can’t wit for Engine support its going to be the final link in the chain for keeping Rekord Box and Engine perfectly in Sync as I currently do with Traktor, is there any ETA for the release of V2.2?

Nope. I tried ETAs before. They bit me in the ass :slight_smile:

Fair call :slight_smile: look fwd to the Engine support when it is ready :slight_smile:

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I switched back to using Rekordbox as my master DB. You can import Rekordbox playlists into Engine Prime in the Prime software itself.

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