Can’t install the app anymore

Hi, I can’t install the software anymore on my laptop.
The software doesn’t work, still crashing.

I tried to reinstall few times and now I can’t anymore.
Please help.



Let’s take it step by step here :slight_smile:

  • Make sure you don’t post your issue by replying to a post about something unrelated to your issue. This may prevent me from noticing your post and makes things harder to keep track of. I moved your post into a new topic for you.
  • Always let me know what version of the app you are currently using. This helps me give you the right advice in diagnosing your problem.
  • If you get an issue, don’t waste your time re-installing. This is something Windows users do, on macOS it won’t help you and may make it hard to figure out the issue.
  • I’ve reset your authorizations so you can authorize the app again.
  • If you get a crash, relaunch the app so that the crash log gets sent to me, then post back here to describe what you are doing when the crash happens. Just saying ‘it crashes’ forces me to use mind reading powers that I don’t yet have unfortunately.

Thank you. Will do.

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