Can some one help me separate all BPM music in different folders

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ok old video or new video is what you can do with it i am trying to setup up music by bpm
as the video tell it to do setup music by bpm or by tag or by year so what the deal y i can setup my music by bpm when i do it by bpm it dos not do the right ting as the pic i send you all song go to one folder it say no bpm
look at the pic
it’s supposed to separate all BPM music in different folders and it not doing that can you send me how
to step by step maybe I’m doing something wrong or maybe there’s a bug to be fixed help please!

i did what the video did about setting the bpm and when i do the same thing all busic go to one folder

It looks like a sorting issue in the smart playlist code. I’ll make a note of it and see if I can reproduce in the upcoming 2.1beta before that ships.

Stay tuned.

I tyr to edit THE BPM and it dos not let me as you see in the video please help to fix it thank you
I have macbook pro i7 2.4 ghz 16 GB RAM macOS high sierra version 10.13.3
On March 20, 2018 at 5:28:22 PM, Dan Morse ( wrote:

Yeah, that’s not right. Those fields should be editable. What software are you importing from?
Dan Morse
Support | Next Audio Labs, LLC.

Hi Latino,
Thanks. That’s definitely not how it is meant to work. Could you try right clicking on one of the tracks in the list and edit the BPM value by hand? Then check to see if it shows in the list properly. Don’t forget to hit RETURN then the APPLY button after you change it.
Dan Morse
Support | Next Audio Labs, LLC.

Awesome. It’s on my TODO list to look at but as I said this will be most likely after I get 2.1beta out of the door.

Thanks for your patience.

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