Can RB2 Convert Rekordbox Memory Cue into a Serato Cue?

My Rekord Buddy Version: 2.0.22(217)

My OS Version: macOS Sierra 10.12.6

Rekordbox is my main DB and I’m mainly looking to update Serato with this info.

RB2 seems to be converting beat grid info fine but I wanted to know if there was a way that RB2 can convert a rekordbox MEMORY cue into a Serato cue, at the moment I’m just getting Hotcues converted and Loops.


Hi The Cunning One,

Have you made sure the option is ticked in the Serato tab of the preferences?

Yes I can though the way this reads I thought this would create a memory in Rekordbox as well as a hot cue when rekordbox syncs from Serato.

I was hoping to create a hot cue in Serato when it syncs from Rekordbox via RB2.

I’ve tried this also with the Beta version 2.1.0 (554) with the option checked and still no hitches in serato from rekordbox memory cues

Judging by your other post it seems like something may be awry with exporting to Serato altogether on your end, not just for memory cues. Let me try and repro here.

This seems to work fine here. Is it possible that you are not exporting your new changes in rekordbox before importing them in Rekord Buddy?

Hey Damien, I’ve recorded a video of what I’m doing, please tell me if I am missing a part of the process

Hey. The video doesn’t seem to be working.


Couple of comments form the video you sent:

  • You seem to have a lot of duplicate entries in your rekordbox collection. Those are separate tracks in rekordbox that all use the same file on your hard drive. This is obviously not something that should happen (each track should point to exactly one file) and as the warning message shows, Rekord Buddy currently ignores duplicates which could cause some tracks to not import. In order to fix that, I would order your rekordbox collection by the ‘location’ column in rekordbox and see why those tracks share the same location.
  • I see you import changes from rekordbox but I never see you export anything to Serato. That would be a big reason why you’re not seeing the changes in Serato :slight_smile:. Try, in Rekord Buddy, to export changes to Serato and see if that helps.

Thanks Damien, I’ll sort duplicate and see whats going on.

As for syncing to Serato, what am I not doing right to action this?

Importing and exporting are two separate steps in the current 2.1 beta. On the video you import changes FROM rekordbox to Rekord Buddy. This does not affect Serato in anyway way, it just updates Rekord Buddy using the data from rekordbox.

You then have the choice to export this data TO another program (Serato, Traktor or back to rekordbox) by clicking on the sync button again and selecting ‘Export’ instead of ‘Import’ and choosing the destination program you want to write to.

Let me know if that makes sense.

Yes it does and thanks for letting me know, didn’t realise you had to do this. :slight_smile:
So I’ve done that and it’s exported the playlists just fine, few things to note:

  • It looks like it’s importing the memory cues from rekordbox to serato as cues - great!
  • It doesn’t however seem to be importing any of the loops though like v2 was (see screen shot)
  • when you play a track it also seems to be deleting the year metadata (not checked any other data yet)
  • it’s also not importing the beat grid on most songs, you need to force analyse the song to get the grid

As for duplicates, very odd as the doubles it refers to I only have one of those in iTunes yet 2 are showing in Rekordbox, some have both cues and loops set the same, some different. Oddly they are both showing the same file in the same location. Even stranger Rekordbox doesn’t see them as duplicates when you select that as a filter option so I’m going through them one by one and removing.

For WAV files it’s not exporting any data (cues - loop or otherwise) but I’m sure thats to do with the limitation of WAV metadata

  • It should import the loops too. I would have to try and replicate this here.
  • The year gets cleared by Serato when it doesn’t find matching data in the track file. Again I’d have to see why that is by replicating on my end.
  • When you analyze the track again, you’re just generating a new beat grid so that’s not really ‘fixing’ the issue per say. Keep in mind that Serato does NOT support every beatgrid that rekordbox generates, especially if you use dynamic mode in rekordbox so those would not be exported. That’s covered in the Rekord Buddy manual. Check any error messages or warnings you get during exporting to rekordbox.
  • The duplicates are most likely cause by a rekordbox issue. Maybe cause by its interaction with iTunes?

I order to look at the 3 problems above though, let’s move this to a support ticket and take it from there. I will need you to send me a sample rekorbdox.xml file freshly exported and then a few tracks that show the problems you are describing (year that gets reset, loops missing and beatgrid missing). You’ll porbably have to put the tracks on a dropbox and send me a link via the support ticket.

Thanks Damien, support email sent

Can you please send me a link to the RB manual. thanks

In the help menu in the app (Manual) or in this forum in the FAQ section :slight_smile:

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I’m starting this reply as the answer to the issues described above:

  • Missing beat grids in Serato: rekordbox (or the user if you did the gridding manually) can put grid markers in spots that are not supported by Serato. Serato only supports grid markers on the first downbeat. This is not a limitation of Rekord Buddy but one coming from Serato so there’s not much we can do here. I may add a feature down the road to try and convert those grids but it could produce gridding problems so for now I just skip the grid for those so that people don’t think the grid is correct when it’s not. For reference those tracks are listed in the Serato export errors under ‘Found track(s) with invalid grid marker not on first beat and unsupported by Serato.’
  • Year getting cleared off when loading track in Serato: I found an issue in some cases but that part of the code is no longer used in the upcoming 2.1beta. We will pick up this issue again after the next beta ships if this is still occuring.
  • Loops are not exported to Serato: Fixed in the latest 2.1Beta.
  • Duplicates in rekorbdox: Investigating to make sure this is a rekordbox issue or not.

I will update this post as I find out more.

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