Can I get a refund?

Please understand that this is being transmitted through the translator.

Yesterday, I signed up for a new subscription, paid for it, and moved the playlist, but many problems were found and I can’t solve them by myself.

I’m requesting a refund because it doesn’t move properly or even the grid mark doesn’t show properly, which makes it uncomfortable to do it one by one.

I have to mark the grid one by one, and everything is manual.
I feel sorry for this program.

The program itself is great. However, I would like to subscribe again when it is a little more supplemented.

Can I apply for a refund?

Hi Jay,

I’ll be happy to offer a refund if you’ve found an issue that I’m unable to fix.

I do need to make sure that what you are seeing is not just user-error.

Can you give me more information? What exact version of Rekord Buddy are you using? What program are you moving tracks from? What program are you moving tracks to?

Thank you for your answer Damien.

I’m using latest version except rekordbox (5.8.5)

For example, if I moved about 500 songs, there’s a grid in 10 songs, but the rest of the songs don’t have a grid.

The songs without grids should be done by hand using ‘Edit grid’, but it’s very rough.

The top song in the picture has a grid, and the bottom is not. I’m telling you this because there are things that work and don’t work.

So sad…

There are problems above, but as a result of using Serato for the first time today, Serato is very difficult for me to use. I’m thinking of using the existing rekordbox 6 because it’s easy to use.

I’m really sorry that it’s going to be hard to use.
But thanks to you, I think it was a good experience to use something called Serato.

Let’s try with just one track. One your screenshots you are showing me four different tracks. Let’s just pick one.

Take a look at that track in the Serato section of Rekord Buddy (double click on the track to view the markers). Do you see any messages that say the markers are not compatible with the software? Drag it over to the rekordbox section of Rekord Buddy and take a look at the same track there after the copy. Can you see the same markers there or not?

A song with a well-represented grid looks like the first picture, while a song without a grid looks like a second picture.
The above notes are the same when transferred.

There are thousands of songs like this, so it’s hard to rework them one by one. I’m very sad.

Don’t worry. You will not have to do songs one by one. We are only focusing on one song to make it easier to find your problem. Don’t be sad. :wink:

Let’s focus on the first track. Make 100% sure that it looks correct in the rekordbox section of Rekord Buddy. If it does, try this next:

Importing changes in rekordbox requires an extra step which is detailed in the online manual. Make sure you are doing this for JUST THIS TRACK and then check in rekordbox to see if the track now has the correct grid and cues.

I moved from rekordbox to Serato. How can we solve such a situation even though we moved to Cerato?

All of these checks are checked.

Don’t worry about these settings for now. Just make sure you’re doing this:

I went back to the beginning and followed it.

The hotcue moved well.
But some songs still don’t have grids.

I selected only a few of the songs I had.

  1. The xml file was exported again and imported again.

  1. The hotcues were transplanted very well.

3)After checking it again, the first song expresses the grid well, but the second song has no grid.

  1. When I moved the songs in another folder, they also don’t have grids.

Maybe I should keep writing the rekordbox. I think my Serato migration plan should be put on hold.

I don’t think you should give up. I think this is user error.

I notice that you have set the rekordbox XML (in the rekordbox app preferences) to a file on your desktop. This is incorrect. It should be set to the default path which you can get by deleting the curent path and pressing enter. This will replace the path with the default one.

Can you do this and take a screenshot of the rekordbox preferences again?

  1. Restore the path of the xml file back to its original state.
    I did the export again.

  1. I checked the file and updated it on the rekord buddy.

  1. I sent the new playlist back to Serato’s playlist.

4)The songs in the Soul folder had a good grid. But…

  1. Still, other songs had no grids, so the problem was not solved.

  1. As a result of adding other playlists to see if it is the same problem, some songs have grids but some do not.

Don’t do too many steps at one time. Just the one I’m suggesting :slight_smile:

Ok so rekordbox is setup correctly now. Now let’s make sure Rekord Buddy is editing the right file for rekordbox.

In Rekord Buddy do you see only one entry for rekordbox in the sidebar? Does it just say rekordbox or rekordbox (user location)?

I turned on the rekordbuddy.
This is what’s inside the rekordbuddy.

What should we do after that?

T.T… do you comeback?

Alright so you have Rekord Buddy connected to the right xml file and rekordbox reading from the same file.

Next step.

In Rekord Buddy, in the rekordbox section, create one playlist. Call it something like TEST. Add one track to it just for testing.Exit Rekord Buddy and save changes.

Open rekordbox. In the rekordbox XML section, do you see the TEST playlist.

In the end, it didn’t change that grid wasn’t displayed in Serato.
The rekordbox itself has no problem, but the grid completely disappears on the way from the rekordbox to Serato.

I think I should cancel my subscription because my technology cannot solve it.
I’m very sorry.

Don’t be sorry but you’re not answering my questions. This is not your technology, it’s human error but you have to help me help you if you want to find the solution.

I’ll go ahead and issue a refund and cancel your license.

I’m not sure what I should do in that situation.
I’m just very sorry for not being able to help.
If I enter Serato again later, I will try again then.
I have confirmed that all licenses are now complete.
Thank you very much and thank you again for making a good program.
I hope it helps other people besides me.

Can I get a refund too seen as I paid $59.99 for this and now it’s going for free not happy it also doesn’t work with the new rekordbox which part of the reason I use this product