Buy rekord buddy

GOOD morning everyone im a new user.
Im Trying to purchase the Rekord Buddy but they dont accept my card.
i use it in other websites.
Can you help me please.


Hello Jay, Welcome to the forums.

I moved your post to the support section. You had posted in the French section by mistake.

Without giving out any private information, what exactly happens when you attempt your purchase? What error do you get?

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hi Damien, thank you.
they told me this : Error : We are unable to process your payment at this time, please try again later or contact support.
and i dont know why because i use this same card for other payement.

Every payment system has its own fraud security checks so it not abnormal that this may work somewhere else but not here.

Looking at the transaction it seems to fail the 3D Secure security check which is where your bank will send you a code via SMS in order to prove the transaction is from you. The first thing to do would be to contact the issuer of your credit card and figure out what this check failed.

You may also have to tell your credit card company to authorise the transaction since you are trying to purchase the app from a different country.

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thank you Damien,
i will call my bank

Thanks. Let me know if you find the solution. I get questions like these from time to time so I want to make sure there isn’t anything else I can do on my end to make it easier.

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OKAY. no worries keep in touch.

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Thank you. Stay safe.

Most subscription payment systems block prepaid cards and secure/easypay (bank accounts that dont require credit check) accounts. Might not fit this situation, but an FYI.

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