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Being already a user of rekordboxdj and rekordbuddy, I’ve already gotten used to the main features: I mix every weekend and I keep my library up to date by transferring from rekordboxdj to rekordbuddy then serato every week.

I want to leave rekordbox dj in order to use serato for mixing. But i would like to stay on rekordbox as a working library (beatgrid, cue etc) and rekordbuddy as a transfer tool.

However I still noticed some small problems:

• beatgrid scans are not all transferable under serato, I have no error message, but I just find some songs have been analyzed in dynamics do not have beatgrid under seratodj and therefore deserve to be reworked … Is there a solution?

• Small problem also but not nasty, the structure of my main files are respected but not the crates that there may be below: This is not really annoying except that with each export to seratodj, I am forced to reclassify my crates as they are already on rekordboxdj.

I prefer the rekordbox analysis, and I was wondering if it would not be possible to respect the bpm that were put with rekordbox without the need to redesign them under seratodj?

Thank you in advance.

Most likely this is because the rekordbox analysis produced a beatgrid that is incompatible with Serato. Serato only supports one beat marker every 4 beats, rekordbox lets you put beatmarkers everywhere. Short of giving me the source code to Serato, there’s not much we can do here :pensive:

Can you post two screenshots of this? One from rekordbox and one from Serato? I want to make sure I understand so I can look into it.


Rekordbox structure:

Serato Structure:

As you can see the order in under folder, is not respected.

It’s not the same folder though, right? ‘1er pack son’ and ‘2ème pack son’?

Yes, but my problems is inside the folder. There, the playlists are in a different order.

Which folder? The one named 2K19?

Yes the 2k19 folder right

Ok. Let me try to reproduce this here.

Sorry for the long wait, things have been hectic.

I can reproduce the issue and unfortunately it’s because Serato reorders the playlists due to the è character in the name. From what I can see the playlist are written in the correct order by Rekord Buddy but then Serato opens the file and reorders them, then saves over the playlist data. :pensive:

Hey i get what you said, and i think i will remove those caracters in from my playlist.

Thanks again for your work.

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