Being charged full price instead of renewal fee

Good morning,
Purchased software back on 9/15/2018. Why am I being charged $49 to renew my subscription instead of $29?

In 2018 you did not buy a subscription. You bought a lifetime license that will allow you to use Rekord Buddy 2 versions up until the end of 2020.

After this date, you will be able to keep on using the last version that will be available at that time for non-subscriptions customers. In order to get newer builds and updates, you will need to upgrade to a subscription which will cost you $29/year at that time.

This ‘upgrade’ is not currently needed or available.

You can find more info in the subscription thread. Hope this clears out any mis-understanding.

Thank you for clearing this up for me! I purchased a new MacBook and I tried to follow your instructions to de-authorize myself but when i go to my purchase history it doesn’t show my purchase. How do I authorize my new MacBook?

This is a separate issue. We migrated the site last night and some info is not being displayed correctly at this time due to the migration.

We are working on this right now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I can now see my purchase and I able to deactivate my license but when I try to open the app it says “your app receipt is invalid”. Please help

You forgot to mention what version of the app and what version of macOS you are using?

sorry 10.14.6 Mojave OS
rekord buddy 2.0.22 (217) version

Ok cool. This is covered by another thread but in your case, you should be running the latest build since you use macOS 10.14 and 2.0 is no longer supported or maintained.

You can always download the latest build of the app by going in your account on the website (not here on the forums but the main site). The main page should be a list of your Past Purchases. Then you should see a link called Invoices and Downloads.