Beat grids arent syncing Serato 2 RekordBox (617)

Check the video below, maybe I’m doing something wrong.
But my beat grids arent being sync’d from Serato to Rekordbox.
Hot Cues are.
I’ve also tried transferring the tracks/playlist to Rekord Buddy first and then from there to Rekordbox but the same issue plus all my hot cues end up being the same color (green).

Let me try to reproduce this on my end.

Any luck in reproducing? Did I do everything right in the video?

I’m stuck fixing some drag and drop stuff, sorry. I’m onto your issue as soon as I ship the next beta build.

Can you try and update to the latest build and then, with one track, delete it from rekordbox before importing it from the XML bridge?

This may be caused by a rekordbox bug.


Experienced the same issue. Removing the track from the Rekordbox collection before re-importing it via the XML-bridge did work (using the latest build)

So for large amount of tracks being changed - at least for the moment - we need to empty the Rekordbox collection an re-import all tracks etc. to make sure we don‘t miss any changes, right?

Yep. This sucks.

I’ve contacted Pioneer to confirm the issue with them.

Ah great, thank you! Couldn‘t find anything related to XML bridge import on their forums by now… Anyways, thanks for addressing that one that quick…

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