Autorization Failed

Hi guys!

I have a problem with Rekord Buddy 2.0 (attached is a screenshot). I’ve read around on the forums that I may need 2.1 but unfortunately the website is down? Is there a way for me to access an alternative link so I can download 2.1?

Actually I think im already at 2.1? But I still cant access my Rekord Buddy

nobody can pal… the domain is down as its being transition to but clearly the authorisation server is down with it. it has been many days now. there is a new, open-source beta available however that was hosted on domain and is also unavailable.

Ahhhh damn it thanks for the reply man

no problem

So no Rekord Buddy for all that purchased the software??

A message was posted by damien almost two months ago, telling everyone that Rekordbox was now free.

The post also explained that the licensed version would stop working, and that there was no way to transfer the database from licensed version to free version.

Download links were also provided.