Automatically Quits to Preserve Data


**My OS Version: High Sierra

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

1.Open Rekord Buddy
2. Click Initialize Sync
3. Option to initialize rekord buddy collection from serato is selected. The “protect data” box is also checked.
4. Click Ok .

**What I expected to happen: My serato tracks get imported into rekord buddy.

**What actually happens instead: I receive a pop up box that reads: "Something wonderful has happened. You found a critical bug. The app will now quit to preserve data.

** Out of curiosity I unchecked the “protect data” option before initializing rekord buddy and the notification still came up.


Errors like this are usually caused by corruptions in the library database or tracks. Have you tried the 2.1 beta yet? That tends to fix a lot of issues like these.

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This worked. Thanks.

Nice one. Glad that’s sorted.