Authorization error

Everything is ok now with the update thank you very much…!!!
But now i have another issue , when i try to launch the app it pops up a message that says that i dont have authorisation…whats going on…?

I moved your post to a new topic because it was unrelated to the other issue.

Check out this post for some tips on posting when asking for help.

It looks like the app can’t connect to our authorization server. In order to start diagnostics the issue, let’s make sure you are running the 2.0.18 or above and try again.

I need all the computers on my account de-authorized. there is no way to create a post topic on this site *foul language edited by moderator*?

@waltwhite please mind your language. This is not the internet.

I replied to your other post. Please don’t post multiple times for the same issue. It doesn’t achieve anything.

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