Asking for support, the etiquette

Here are a few tips that can help me help you better.

  • Before posting, make sure that a topic on the same issue doesn’t already exists. If it does, post a reply in that topic instead of opening a new topic.
  • Don’t reply to a thread unrelated to your problem. Always create a separate thread if it doesn’t already exist. One thread per problem.
  • Don’t send a DM if your issue is not private or if you’re not sending private information. This will help others find your post if they have the same problem.
  • Try to name your topic something meaningful, as in describe in short what you are doing when you get the issue. That way others can find similar issues quickly. “Crash” is not meaningful.
  • Don’t post multiple times or on multiple threads for the same issue. I get to all messages and I won’t get to yours quicker is you just cross post everywhere on the forums.
  • Let me know the EXACT version number you are using. “Rekord buddy 2” or “latest” is not the version number unfortunately, it’s the app name and something that doesn’t point to a particular version (“latest” may have already changed by the time I read your post). The version should be something like 2.1.10(668).
  • Explain what you are doing, how you get the issue and whether it’s a real crash, a “Something Wonderful” dialog or something that doesn’t work. Those are all different things. “It doesn’t work” is not enough for me to start investigating randomly.
  • Be nice. It is a known fact that I am human and I have a tendency to help nice people quicker than grumpy people. It’s part of human nature and life is too short to deal with grumps on the Internet.

(This topic is locked as is it only a FAQ entry. To get help or discuss the topic head over to the Support Category or or DM @damien directly if you don’t want your request to be public.

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