Are video files (mp4) supported?

I have just switched to rekordbox from Serato where I have over 800 video files. Do you support video files i.e. mp4? If not, are you planning to soon? How soon?


I’ve just noticed on my own that mp4 files are “supported” but not very well when it comes to using an external drive. All my tracks import to the Collection, but all the video folder/playlists are completely empty despite having all the tracks (videos) in the main Collection. Frustrating.

Thanks for letting me know the mp4 files are imported to collection. I believe the issue with mp4 not appearing in playlists is because rekordbox doesn’t allow mp3 and mp4 in the same playlist. Hopefully that will change sometime soon. Just guessing. I will go ahead and buy rekord buddy and give it a test drive.

None of my playlists have MP3 & MP4 together. But maybe cause the crates (Serato)/playlists (RB) are under a main crate/folder that contains the individual crates/playlists? No idea. Like I said, it’s very frustrating.

MP4 files should be supported, even if they’re video.I’ve never seen this issue before. Where are the files stored?

Every single file is stored on my external drive. Audio and/or Video. Only audio files show in the playlists, no videos at all. No crates/playlists have both audio and video in them. 90% of my library is video, so most of all the crates are for those files. Hence why you see and MP3 crate by itself. Only audio files I may grab, go inside that playlist/crate.

Not sure if I should add that 90% of my crates are empty in that list. You just see the folder names. But if I drop down those folders with all the playlists/crates inside them, you’ll see no files in any playlist/crate. I’m just getting so annoyed with RB now, because this is actually ridiculous honestly. Especially since I read on the RB support forums that they’ve been “working on a fix” for this for 3 or more years now but still have no word on any development or release for it.

I installed Rekord Buddy 2 last night and did my first sync. The good news is mp4 files were successfully imported from Serato to rekordbox with their beat grids and cue markers. The bad news is that they were all put in the Videos section. There are no video files in the Collection section or in any folder/playlist that had some in Serato. The thing is, they are properly stored in Rekord Buddy 2 so I think this is a rekord box issue. Also , it has nothing to do with your files being in an external drive.

One thing that happened is that my cue points weren’t duplicated as memory cues. I didn’t have the option checked in preferences during the initial sync. I turned it on after and resync’ed and it didn’t work. I guess I have to start all over…

Are you using crates within crates? Because Serato is the only platform that is able to do that, so it doesn’t get imported into Rekord Buddy.

It does and it doesn’t. It imports the crates within crates, it’s just that RB doesn’t allow you to see all the files within the sub-playlists inside the main tree folder (which is an RB thing). And I guess Rekord Buddy doesn’t allow a smooth import/export of crates within crates, if one sub crate is all MP3 and a different sub crate is all MP4. This gets so ass-backwards I honestly can’t wait to stop using RB. Thank God I’m only doing it for trial tests for a couple companies.

The only work around so far is to import the Rekord Buddy RB xml to the main collection, then create playlists (that match my Serato crates) under the Video playlist section, then drag/drop all the files from the matching Serato crate (with Serato open) to the matching RB video playlist.

The next thing RB is upsetting me with is no intelligent playlists for videos. Every time I make a new turn in this software to make it work, it shows me something else it still can’t do that should have been a no-brainer from the get-go.

Are you seeing the files in Rekord Buddy when you import?

Yes. I see everything like normal in Rekord Buddy (besides the smart crates of course)

OK. The issue with rekordbox is on their end. They now separate video and audio files, for some reason.

Yeah, I’m seeing that. Kinda counter-productive IMO. Especially for the main playlist & collection area. RB should actually have separate Audio & Video playlists that all come together in the main playlist & collection area. Similar to Serato but of course in their own way

So today Pioneer releases DDJ 1000 SRT and with it I am going back to Serato. I was willing to undergo the pain of working with rekordboxdj because I loved the DDJ 1000. Goodbye n good luck y’all!

I agree. I think the separation of files in rekordbox is dumb.

this totally sucks

Agreed. Hopefully they can fix tin the future.

Rekordbox 6.0.0 now has mixed video and audio playlist functionality.

Can you update Rekordbuddy able to export both to Rekordbox XML?


I know Rekordbox 6 does not export XML but it still imports XML. I dont use rekordbox for library management so this doesn’t affect my workflow.

I replied to your other topic regarding this. Please try to post only once per topic if you can. Thanks!