Apple Music app support

Hey Damien, I’ve deleted Rekordbox 6 and gone back to 5.
Problem is in Catalina iTunes is gone and now music is the new music app.
The work around for traktor and rekordbuddy, is that I just export the library file from music to the old iTunes folder and rekoredbuddy can read it from there.
problem is when I exported traktor 3.3 over to Rekordbox, it can see all the files there but when I go to play them in Rekordbox, an explanation mark comes up in Rekordbox saying file missing, so then I right click and relocate and find track in new music app media file folder, but then Rekordbox says file already in collection. Driving me nuts…

  1. how do I re intmtilize rekordbuddy to have nothing in it? ie start from scratch?
  2. Whats the best way to have it all setup now (Rekordbox, rekordbuddy and traktor) now that all iTunes music is now in the music app media folder?

I moved your post to a new topic because it wasn’t related to the original thread anymore. If you can, let’s try and keep things one issue at a time otherwise it will get hard to follow the thread.

You can find info on how to reset your license key or your database in the online manual, here.

If you have an itunes XML file in a non-standard location, you don’t have to drag it into the iTunes folder, you can just tell Rekord Buddy to access it directly.

Finally to diagnose your rekordbox file missing issue, I have a couple of questions:

  • Where do you see the exclamation mark? In the rekordbox XML section or in the rekordbox database after you imported it from the xml section?
  • What is the location of the files displaying this problem? Does it look correct?