App is from an unidentified developer error anyone?

I’ve got one report of macOS 10.13 producing the error Can't open Rekord Buddy 2 because this app is from an unidentified developer.

This error is incorrect because the app is fully code signed (and notarized) by a valid Apple Certificate so I’m puzzled as to why this would happen.

Does anyone else currently see this error at all? What version of macOS are you using?

I’ve identified the issue. This should be fixed in 2.1.36.

Good afternoon,

I recently purchased Rekord Buddy 2 and am really excited to copy my cued music I have on Serato, over to Rekordbox.

I upgraded my Mac OS to 10.12 but when I try and run rekord buddy 2, I get an error stating “Rekord Buddy 2 needs to run from your application folder. This is a macOS requirement for signed applications.”

Can anyone assist me with this issue so I can use this application please!!

Thank you.

Sounds like your application launcher is not in the dedicated applications folder.

Just drag the icon into the applications folder and it should work.


This is what should happen when you open the DMG file during install. There is a link to drag it into the Application folder in the DMG window. Let me know if you don’t see it.

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