Any News regarding "Rekord Buddy 1.0 will stop working soon"

Hey Damien,

are there any news regarding rekord buddy 1 expiring on App Store?
I installed it in a VM and it’s still working - but for how long? Is there an upgrade option to V2?

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Hey Alex, welcome to the forums.

The dev certificate for it should have expired. That’s why I assumed it would stop working. If it didn’t, then good :slight_smile:

There used to be a discount code for RKB2 displayed in the welcome screen of Rekord Buddy 1.x. Do you still see that?

Thanks for your answer. I installed rekord buddy 1 a long time ago, maybe it’s not possible to download it again - But I won’t try that :smiley: .

No, only the info about the cert. Is there a chance to still get one? I’m interested in the windows version for a long time. Only using Mac OS in VM for Rekord Buddy to sync traktor library to rekordbox - quiet the hassle, but worth it :nerd_face:

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Try again. I re-enabled the discount code just for you. For a limited time only :slight_smile:

No luck, still the same welcome screen.

Odd. I’m getting the correct message here when running 1.x. I wonder if this is cached somewhere on your end?

What is the exact version of the app you’re using?


That’s the same version I’m trying here… That’s very odd that you get a cached message. I’ll DM you the code.