Another monthly Windows post. :-p

The excitement builds inside me like water molecules in a pressurized container.


I would like to join the Monthly-Windows-Club :joy:
Each month I look into your post, and I wope to get some good news concerning the Windows-Version.
I think you have to change into a yearly Windows post :cry:

also would like a windows version – just recently move from Mac to Windows with Traktor and Serato, would love to use this software again.

I have no doubt you’re not alone peeps!

After the last Traktor (3? :thinking::thinking::thinking:) update Windows version of Rekord Buddy is what am waiting for to jump to Serato’s ship, although i love Traktor especialy when i prepare my tracks (i will use it for that) they didn’t do anything to fix problems many years exist, they didn’t also implement any of the many features people were asking in their forum (i wonder if anyone pays attention).

I hope Windows version will be delivered soon.

A lot of this has nothing to do with whether they’ve listened (they have), but more to do with the ageing code that Traktor runs on.

@astromech I understand what you say about the awfully old code.
I would appreciate (as most of us) if they were honest with us, they could tell us you know what this is not what we want to deliver but we need the money to force the new Project. Are they going to ask us for money again when the real update will be out? Serato didn’t ask for money after they release the Serato 2, NI is asking money for nothing really amazing or evolutionary except the Elastique 3.
If this is the way it works @damien should ask for money again for the Rekord Buddy 2.1 because this will be a real update but he wont because as i can understand he respects us and his job, and am sure he needs that money more than NI (50 million Euros investment).
It’s not about the money most of the professional DJs are making more than that in a night, it’s the way they treat their costumers, they look really greedy right now and unable to follow their competitors. They recently promised better communication but they failed once again in this really easy thing to accomplish.

Respect is what we ask but…
I hope they will make me change my mind soon.

They aren’t forcing anyone to upgrade. All your hardware and software will still work. And if you’re buying the hardware that makes use of the new features like Mixer FX, then you’ll get a copy included.

I might have a distorted view of this, since I’m in the trenches a lot more than most customers are, but NI have been a lot more forthcoming recently than they have in the past. They’ve been open about the fact there’s a proper new version of Traktor on the horizon, but it takes time to build (and is where some of that €50m is getting spent). TP3 is essentially just software to launch with the new hardware, and for other users to buy an upgrade if they like the features.

People’s expectations of what they should get for free from software companies seems completely out of whack. It’s one of the reasons many companies have opted to go for the SaaS business model… The cost to the user is much more invisible, and they perceive that they’re getting constant ‘free’ updates (like Adobe CC).

I see and hear a lot of people talking about the 50M investment like it is free money. I think a lot of people are regretting to realize, that investment does have an ROI. NI must be within that ROI to avoid being within a breach of contract. The $50 update includes the following:
Updated limiter
Ability to choose limiter
Color FX
DVS for all soundcards/interfaces (the cheapest Traktor Certified interface is $300, Traktor vinyl and a used any interface will run you about $75… even with the extra $50, that is a $175 savings)
Lower CPU load
Lower RAM load
Fresh Look (and yes it is wayyyy easier on the eyes in a live environment and even easier with screen inverted for use outside)
No more modifer conflict in complex mappings

And this is just what I have noticed so far. I am pretty sure there are way more small tweaks under the hood. And this is just in the first iteration of the software. As we get more updates, I am sure more will be added.

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TP3 is also way more touch screen friendly.

What’s the part about me asking for more money again??? :smirk:

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It was an example. I was trying to say that you could also ask for money again everytime you are upgrading your application but you Don’t and as I understand the next upgrade will be a big one (especially the delivery of windows version).

I know… I was just teasing :slight_smile:

I just spent a few weeks prepping for a gig using the latest Rekordbox on Windows vs Traktor (my workhorse for the last decade). I am very impressed - it even supports touch controls. I’d like to migrate but need to be able to transfer my cues and meta data for 4500 tracks.

I will definitely purchase rekordbuddy for Windows once it’s available!

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Will the Windows version be ready in 2018? If not, I will move from Traktor to Rekordbox with Cross DJ.
We get the same answer since 2 years “Yes, the windows version will be out soon”.
Are you kidding? You are deliberately lying?

I tried to move from Traktor to RB via Cross DJ and couldn’t get it to work properly. I followed all of the tutorials I could find. :frowning:

I just purchased Rekordbuddy yesterday in hopes the windows version will be released in the next few weeks/months so I can finally make the switch.

Being mean like this is absolutely uncalled for. I’ve explained many times why I can’t guarantee a release date. I’m doing the best I can and investing a lot of my personal time and money into this. Rekord Buddy is my sole source of income so I have no incentive to delay the release of the Windows version, that makes no sense.

An apology would be nice, this might be the internet but it doesn’t mean you can just say mean things to someone who’s trying to do something helpful.

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@hellnegative1is it possible to keep those posts under one topic? just creating multiple ones is just confusing.

Really starting go give up hope on rekordbuddy and even though im feeling very much like i backed the wrong horse there is still some hope for us wanting to do cross sync on windows. Ive come across another team building a windows compatible alternative and despite it looking more basic in scope and only just starting development - i do suspect the rekordbuddy license which i payed for in advance (to try help support development) will be obsolete before i even get a chance to use it. Interested to see how things unfold.


@Baby-T If you haven’t activated your license I will give you full refund.

Having said that, the end of the tunnel is near and as I’ve said many time before, no feels worse about this than I do. I feel very responsible for taking so long even though I don’t really have any other way of going any faster.