Annoying message everytime when drag and drop files

Everytime when I drag and drop files from Traktor (user location) to rekordbox in rekordbuddy I get a message that makes me really confused. I know that these files are on different locations and normally I drag and drop the files within rekordbox after all is finished in rekordbuddy again to the rekordbox location inside rekordbox. Is it possible to disable this message, for instance with a checkbox? When I drag more than 1 file the message shows for every single file.

Rekordbuddy is version 2.1.36 (latest), same as Traktor and rekordbox.


Let me look into this. rekordbox does support dragging files in different locations so you shouldn’t be seeing this.

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I think I’ve found the issue. Will DM you a link to a bug fix release for you to try.

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