Accidentally bought thinking Windows compatible

When I went the website it says available on Mac OS! I assumed that meant it was already Windows compatible. My mistake. Support forum says newest version will be Windows compatible but no ETA. No big deal if its within a month but topic goes back to February 2018. Tried moving files to a Mac machine but then it asks where the Rekordbox and Serato installs are. Don’t know how much of a sink hole of time is involved setting everything up on a Mac I have no intention of using for DJing.

Understood you are solo but is there any way you can give a timeline? If not, I need to find other solution as I have 1000s of files to mark.

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You are correct that it’s been a long time coming to have a Windows version, but your license will be cross-platform, and will give you access to the beta when it launches. We don’t have a timeline, I’m afraid, though there’s a beta right now that will eventually lead to the Windows beta launch.

If you want a refund, that’s understandable. I can get @damien to take a look at that.

Ive checked the forum every day since I purchased Rekordbuddy waiting on the Win Beta, so I feel your pain. :-p Since switching to Engine Prime, now I check everyday waiting for Engine Support.

Hi, same Prob here!
read on Your page: “You can install it on up to two computers regardless of OS.”
after I bought it, I had to understand it wont work on my OS (Windows)

that is a real pain to me, because I cant use a software I really want to
and because I payd money for something thats useless to me

didnt found a contact-button,
for that reason I hope Iam right here

I’ve refunded both purchases and added your emails to the mailing list so you can be notified when Windows is available.


thats pretty nice man,
I was really surprised when I checked my emails
thanks a lot

for sure Iam still very interested to use Your software
and off course I will re-buy it when a windows version will available
which will happen soon I hope :smiley:

respect for the good support, keep that good work!

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Hi. I just bought rekordbody as well with the same reasoning just yesterday. Would I be able to get a refund as well being a windows only user?


Would you be able to help me with that too?

Absolutely. Will issue the refund tomorrow.

@Chris Refund was issued on PayPal and I’ve added your email to the Windows notification mailing list.

Hey can you add me to that list as well? The Windows Version is what I need as well. I did build a Hackintosh but Thats not a good sulution at all.

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@djchicago Unfortunately paypal won’t let me do refunds past 90 days after the purchase. The good news is the Windows beta shouldn’t be that far out. Just have to finish a few things with the codebase.

Just bought thinking it was windows compatible…I’ll take the refund and mailing list please :slight_smile:

I will do that for you today @patrickclarke5

Sorry for the delay. I issued the refund and added you to the mailing list.

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