(629) Serato beat grids not transferring to Rekordbox

My Rekord Buddy Version: 2.1 Unstable Beta (629)

**My OS Version:**macOS 10.14

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Serato (master collection, external USB drive) synced to Rekordbox XML (default location, RBox version 5.6)
  2. In Rekordbox, import track(s) from XML to collection
  3. Open tracks in collection and beat grids/BPM values are not respected from Serato

My apologies if this has been answered, I tried finding previous posts but I’m not sure if they align with my issue or not. All tracks are MP3 files and I can confirm Serato beat grids are all as expected before/after sync in latest beta. But Rekordbox is not transferring over proper BPM/beatgrid info. I also made sure to disable BPM/beatgrid, key, and phrase options in Rekordbox for analysis and enabled “BPM Change Points” option in the Advanced tab for the XML options. These are what I had set previously in 2.0 production releases which all worked correctly in bringing over BPM and beatgrid information.

  • Bobak

Let me take a look. Are you sure the tracks in rekordbox don’t have the grid lock flag on?

They shouldn’t, as this is a brand new collection in Rekordbox and everything is initially being synced from Serato (for testing, I am doing a track or a single playlist at a time, and deleting out of Rekordbox as I retry test scenarios). I haven’t locked or modified anything on the Rekordbox side to the tracks in question, and also cue points are coming over okay it seems so it seems BPM and grid-specific

Oh and to be specific, for testing and validating I am using multi-BPM tracks (transition tracks to be specific) that I have manually beat gridded in Serato which go from a starting BPM and transition to a higher or lower BPM. RBuddy use to carry over these BPM/grids just fine before, but since I’ve started from scratch to test and use the newest unstable set of betas, I can’t seem to accomplish it anymore.

Ok, let me look tomorrow when I’m back in the office.

Hi @damien, just downloaded the 631 update last night and tested again. Same issue but now hopefully this helps you a little more on troubleshooting:

So on the newest beta, you have added cue and grid marker info within RBuddy software. This helped me deduce that it seems that my multi-bpm tracks are at the source (Serato) already showing incorrect grid/bpm values at the time markers defined. So I don’t think the issue is Rekordbox after a sync, but rather originally when reading my Serato master collection in the first place. Figured I would send over the attached zip file with a track in question (manually gridded properly in Serato already) and a screenshot of it’s RBuddy grid/bpm time info.

Let me know if anything else I can provide to help!

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  • Bobak

That’s the exact reason why I added this :slight_smile: it should make it easier to figure out where the problem lies. Let me take a look at your track, thanks for sending it over.

So it looks like Rekord Buddy does convert correctly what it is seeing from Serato. So help me understand where it’s going wrong when reading the Serato data.

Should the track start at 80bpm then then ramp up to 120? Currently it looks like the track has a first marker at 100bpm, then one at 120, then one at 80, then they are all at 120.

This seems wrong, what should it be instead?

Also, the track doesn’t show any beat grid when I load it up in Serato. I’m not a big Serato user so I could be doing something wrong.

OK… I’ve got the edit grid available now (that setting for sync mode that affects being able to edit the grid is horrible UX) and I can see the issue. I need to post some new builds right now and then I’m onto sorting this out.

What version of Rekord Buddy would you say used to convert these correctly?

My apologies for not recalling the exact version, as I hadn’t really noted before trying the new platform of betas. But it was seemingly working in 2.0 and subsequent betas before the new codebase/platform. I can try the latest stable builds and see if it works there if you need me to.

Just confirmed that 2.0 (568) indeed works. Same track is gridded properly upon moving to Rekordbox from Serato, going from 99.92 for the first 8 bars and then begins transitioning up to 128 BPM. I’ve attached the file info via RBuddy 2.0 in case it helps (I know there is no beat grid marker time info but they have some info on number of markers in there).

Hope that helps!

That helps immensely. I happen to have the source code for both versions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Let me do some comparing.

Awesome find @DJBobak. This will be fixed in the next 2.1beta.

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This is massive! I confirm the track we tested is now all good! Nicely done once again sir! Looking forward to help find and address the next bug for ya! :slight_smile:

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When I get good bug reports and help, fixing things is easy!

Thank you!

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