404 errors in activation email links

I’m receiving reports that some of you are having trouble with the links provided in the activation emails when creating an account on the site. I have at least 3 reported issues like this.

I’m contacting the hosting company on Monday to see if they can think of a reason why this is happening. It looks like it’s fine for most people which makes it even more confusing.

I’ll post an update here when I find out more.

I believe the problem is resolved now. New activation email links should now work correctly.

If you have an old activation email you can either go to the website and ask for it to be sent again or you can take the link provided in the email and just remove the part of the link that says checkout/purchase-history/.

So for example, if you have a link like this:


just change it to this:


and that should fix the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks to the people who reported the issue this week-end.

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