2.1 Beta feedback


High Sierra

Import Export : This may seem trivial but is it possible to use a different wording instead of IMPORT & EXPORT and/or use big icons & arrows in the GUI. English isn’t everyone’s first language and icons may help users in ensuring they don’t mess their core libraries up.

Maybe use ADD instead.

Icon Style


Can you incorporate another warning after, the first step telling users again what they are about to do


  • You are about to Add your Serato Library to Rekordbuddy 2.1. Are you sure? Yes or Cancel

  • You Are about to Add your Rekordbuddy library to your Traktor. Yes or Cancel

Another suggestion, perhaps in advanced setting that we can chain processes. E.g. Serato to Rekordbuddy + Rekordbuddy to Rekordbox + Rekordbuddy to Traktor + Save changes and exit program when job chain is complete.

Obviously another stern warning “you are on your own” may be displayed prior to the job starting.

So one doesn’t need to baby the laptop.

One click , Go to bed, Wake up to a fully synced library.

Thanks for the great feedback. I agree the wording is confusing to a lot of people.

The next big 2.1beta build will include another new workflow which should make a lot of this a lot easier (hint: it’s going to be drag and drop between collections). The warnings you mention will be there too.

I like the chain idea, not for the next release but I’m keep that one in mind for the future.

Thanks again.

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Good stuff bro. Happy to provide feedback.

feedback: really useful to see that you split import from export. Previous version forced eveything to happen at the same time. The current decoupling is really useful to me.

Awesome! I think you’ll like the final workflow in the next 2.1 build.

What’s the “Force Import/Export” Option for?

Basically, it syncs everything in your collection, rather than just changes since last sync.

Yeah it’s mostly used to debug syncing issues, as in if something doesn’t sync try to force it.

is there a date of release for the 2.1 guys ?

As soon as it’s ready.

I wish I could be more precise but since I don’t control how much time I have to spend on support or unforeseen issues, I would be just throwing out a BS date with no real basis behind it and I prefer to avoid doing that.

i understand, thanks for the transparency.

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Thanks for understanding. I’m working as hard as I possibly can and making some real progress. It’s frustrating for me too but given my resources, that’s the only way I can go about it.

Don’t worry I know you’re doing your best, it’s really a changing life software so it’s worth waiting :slight_smile:

I just installed the 2.1 beta with traktor 3, everything looks fine.

Here are my features suggestions for the future, because contribution is the key right :slight_smile:

  • Search Engine somewher, to find a track
  • Muti Edit file is possible one day ? ( specialy for genre or comment )
  • option to change the font ( helvetica?) so thin to me
  • Option to edit a track without doing “right click > edit track”, but direct by field ( like itunes ) >> this one is not prior i know, but for one day …
  • Rate a track / multi track with numbers keyboard

**And most important I can’t see anymore the Column “Playlist” to sort , who helped me a lot for different things…

thanks for everything !

Thanks for the suggestions. Duly noted.

Hi there,

I the 2.1 version:

I have Smart Playlist on genre, let’s say “Downtempo”.
I added a new track on Traktor which Downtempo in genre.
I go back on R.buddy and Sync (export from traktor ).
The new track doesn’t appear automaticly in my smart playlist.

Did i missed something ?


This could be a bug in the worsting code. Have you tried deleting the smart playlist and creating a new one just to see if you can nudge it? If that works then it’s most likely a bug that I need to fix.

Yes it’s working with a new one :slight_smile:


I’m trying to export Traktor cues and loops to Serato, using the 2.1 beta.

After performing the “Import from… Traktor” and “Export to… Serato” actions, my Serato Library has been replaced with tracks and playlists from Traktor, which suggests Rekord Buddy is working. However, the only cue points that are created in Serato are the inital “AutoGrid” cues at the beginning of each track.

Can anyone suggest where I may be going wrong? Are there some settings that could cause/avoid this result?

Thanks in advance.

Try changing the setting in the Serato tab of the preferences “Replace hot cues with memory cues on export”. See if that helps.

Thanks for the quick response. I tried ticking both those boxes and re-exported, but no luck. I’m running an analysis of my library now and will check again when it’s finished to see if that makes any difference.