2.1 Beta: Buggy update

Hi there,

It looks like there was an update to the Beta right ? so i did it.
Now i want to import from Traktor but I have this message: https://imgur.com/a/cwxnS4E

I also saw that: https://imgur.com/a/8wkfS5O

I hope it will help :slight_smile:

And please please, bring back the column “playlist” <3

This looks like the same as this issue. Can you check now?

yes, the update system is good now thanks.

But still this issue when i want to import from Traktor :confused:

did you send us the crash log when you re-launch the app?

i alreaday send it few days ago, but i can resend it

can you DM me your email address so I can look for it in the logs we received?

Done yesterday. please let me know when it will be fix to keep going thanks !

The crash looks like a database corruption of some sort. When this happen try resetting your database and re-import fresh into Rekord Buddy.