2.1 Beta (630) doesn't recognize some characters


it seems the latest beta doesn’t show some characters in rekordbuddy. The “h” is missing. The name is “Benjamin Fröhlich”. It is funny that the ‘ö’ is showed correctly.

It also seems that after I moved the file from the “traktor user directory” to “rekordbox” user directory, the file is corrupted in rekordbox.

The rekordbox log says files are corrupted.


Translation of text in error log file.:

One or more files were not imported.
Tracks were not imported due to the following possible causes.

  • The file path is longer than 255 characters.
  • Invalid file format"

That’s interesting. I think you might have found one of the reasons why some people are seeing ‘corrupted’ files. Let me look at this today.

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Hopefully :slight_smile:

Well it’s strange because as artist tag the umlaut ö (oe) is showing correct but the h and the end of the filename is missing. The filename itself seems to break the file because the ö is translated/escapted somehow.

File names do need to be escaped in rekordbox but I guess this one isn’t done properly. Let me try and reproduce this here.

(And thanks for the great bug report, makes my life easier)

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You are welcome! I’m also a developer and I know how hard it is sometimes to reproduce bugs. :slight_smile:

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I found the issue. The fix will be in the next 2.1beta which should hopefully go out tomorrow.

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