2.1 Beta (628) - Export of Serato External USB to Rekordbox XML Issues

Good afternoon,

I’ve had this problem through the last few betas, and wasn’t sure if this workflow is unsupported or if I am just broken individually.

Source: Serato Library on an external USB drive (I can go computer to computer and no issues with Serato loading this collection)

Destination: Rekordbox XML and collection are on local home default paths

Problem: When I drag any playlist in RBuddy beta from Serato external drive listing to Rekordbox playlist section, the playlists and tracks look like they copy over but then are unusable. Upon clicking on any track under Rekordbox in the copied playlist and checking the “File” tab, it is missing the /Volume/ExternalDrive precursor for the full path of the file. If I check the same files under the Serato section, the path is fully qualified and correct. So it looks like the full volume path is not being respected upon copying playlists from Serato external drive to Rekordbox XML. Screenshots attached to show differences between source and destination collections.

This should be fixed in 2.1beta(619).

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