2.1.8 crashes when drag & drop AND overwrites tracks in playlists

My Rekord Buddy Version:

My OS Version:

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Update to 2.1.8
  2. drag & drop Traktor library to Rekordbox

What I expected to happen:
Sync of the Traktor library to Rekordbox

What actually happens instead:
Crash with notification: “Something wonderful has happened. You have found an unhandled issue”
In rekordbox most of the tracks in playlists got overwritted by the first track in the rekordbox library. In Rekord Buddy the tracks in playlists are still valid.

I’m investigating your issue right now and posted a build 2.1.10 which has extra debug info for me. Can you reproduce the problem using that build?

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I’ll try it later this evening when I’m at home and let you know.

For anyone seeing this from Traktor to rekordbox, can you zip up and DM me your collection.nml file? That might make it easier for me to reproduce the problem.

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This should be fixed in 2.1.13.

Thank you for quick problem solving, the bug that tracks get overwritten is fixed with 2.1.13!
Having playlists in Rekordbox multiplied by 4 is also fixed. But in the rekordbox.xml tracks are still multiplied. Trying to delete all tracks in Rekord Buddy, in order to drag&drop the clean Traktor library, the software crashes when saving the changes. An Apple notification says “quit unexpectedly”. After reopening the tracks are still in the rekordbox.xml.

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You may have to re-export your XML from rekordbox to clean up the duplicates. You can then drop the new XML file onto the rekordbox collection in Rekord Buddy to update it.

If you find a way to reproduce the crash you are mentioning, open a new topic and explain it to me so that I can look into it.

Hi Damien,
thanks for the advice! Just to be sure, what do you mean by re-exporting the XML? From where, and how? Would be great if you could specify the work-flow!
Many thanks,

Sorry I had a typo in my post.

Export a new XML from rekordbox itself.
Save that file somewhere.
Drag that file directly onto the ‘Rekordbox’ collection header in the Rekord Buddy sidebar.
It should ask you if you want to update the xml bridge file, say yes.

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