2.1.32 Upgrade problem

Hi Dan,

Glad to see you have implemented a fix into this version that we were working on. However, it is not letting me update saying that "I have a newer version and it wont let me update to the newer version.

Please see screenshots attached.

I’ve moved your post to its own thread since it’s not related to the thread you had posted it in (which is a release announcement thread).

I’m looking into this. I’ve changed the way version numbering works in preparation for other things and I think the update system is freaking out because of it. Stay tuned.

Im having the same issue.

But I just re-downloaded the dmg file & replaced the app in applications & sorted.

@bigkiwi Yeah that’s one way but I don’t want everyone to have to do that.

I posted a 2.1.34 update which won’t have this problem. This will then be used as a transition to the new numbering system which should then work fine. It’s like juggling chainsaws.

Hi Damien,
Can you link to the thread please or even better link me the new download file that will allow me to update and sort my hot cues issue with the serato to rekordbox weve been dealing with

@Brookland What version are you currently running? Does it offer you to upgrade when you launch at all?

Hi Damien,

Running V 2.1.31. It has just prompted me to update for the first time. Fingers crossed this fixes my issues

Let me know. If not, don’t worry, I’m right here :slight_smile:

Hi Damien,

I just installed the update, and re-synced (drag dropped) the rekorbox library over the serato library and still have no luck with those cues. Is there another method I need to try or is the bug still not fixed?

@Brookland This thread is about an upgrade issue with 2.1.32.

Do you want to open a new topic for the cue issue or post back in the original topic you had for this problem so that I can get some context? I’ll take a look then.

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